Referral program

The UnitedTechSolutions Inc employee referral program allows you to submit recommendations for qualified friends, family members or acquaintances to fill open positions at the company and get rewards for doing so. You can help build a stronger UnitedTechSolutions Inc team, help someone you know, and reap rewards at the same time. There’s no reason not to participate.


Here's why the Employee-Referral Program makes good business sense:

  1. UnitedTechSolutions Inc is more likely to receive qualified referrals from employees who know the kind of workers and skills we need. It is a cost-effective way to receive referrals of highly qualified individuals.
  2. Referrals often prove to be good employees who stay on the job.


Help UnitedTechSolutions Inc’s success by referring other talented people, like you.


How the Program works:

1. If you know someone who may fit an open IT position listed under “Current Openings” on the UnitedTechSolutions Inc website contact any of our technical recruiters and let them know that you want to refer someone and want to be eligible for the referral incentive.

2. Provide the resume of the prospective referral to any of our technical recruiters.

3. If the individual is selected for the position, UnitedTechSolutions Inc will pay you a referral bonus of $50 to $1000 (depending on skills and years of experience) after the individual has been employed by UnitedTechSolutions Inc for three consecutive months.


The following employees are NOT eligible for participating in the Employee Referral Program:

  1. Anyone involved in the hiring, selecting or supervising of the referred candidate.
  2. Officers and Directors